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A Few Things About Cancer


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In the fall of 2013, Georgia native Caleb Mock was on the life path he had always dreamed about, enjoying the first six months of marriage to his wife, Jada, while pursuing the career of his choice, engineering. 

On an ordinary day during a routine workout, suddenly, things changed drastically after Caleb experienced crippling pain in his abdomen. Soon after, he was diagnosed with stage four Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a rare form of cancer; there is no stage five. Just in time for Christmas, Burkitt’s thrust Caleb and his newlywed wife into a quarter-life crisis with his life on the line.

A Few Things About Cancer follows Caleb and Jada through the journey of cancer treatment, showcasing the strength of family ties that bind us in our most difficult hours, providing a rarely observed look at the process of being a patient and the journey that we all face as we make choices about our life, our future and the very essence of our mortality.

From director James Kicklighter, A Few Things About Cancer is produced by Kicklighter, Kyle Maddux-Lawrence and Elizabeth Kaiser.

Awards and Film Festivals

2015 FirstGlance L.A., Best Short Documentary


A Few Things About Cancer: Review

  • A remarkable achievement of ‘A Few Things About Cancer,’ which is stuffed with some great achievements, is it’s ability to tell a story we’ve all heard, yet keep it fresh and emotionally connected. Let’s be honest: Stories about cancer, or disease in general are nothing new or emotionally different. We all know what Cancer is and what it does. Unless it’s you, personally invaded by this disease, it’s become so normal that it is, in fact boring. Movies dealing with this subject matter have themselves also become mostly boring, or at the very least expected. A lesser, run-of-the-mill Cancer documentary simply doesn’t stack up anymore. We need feeling, we need heart and soul and a spattering of personality. Director James Kicklighter delivers all the above and more.

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Director James Kicklighter’s Film Kicks Cancer’s Ass

  • A Few Things About Cancer is not like any other short I have seen. Kicklighter avoided the all too common view of ‘I’m sick’ stories and the only heartstrings pulled are truthful, intimate, and fulfilling ones. This film is a true documentary of the biggest challenge chronicling Caleb Mock’s personal experience and his battle for survival.

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A Few Things About Cancer Review: Intimate & Personal

  • There is much to like about how Kicklighter approaches the filming of A Few Things About Cancer, but mostly it comes down to his ability to capture both the intimacy and personal nature of the story and his awareness that there’s universal messages about hope and perseverance unfolding here.

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Director James Kicklighter, Interview Part I

  • I was delighted to speak with impressively busy director, James Kicklighter on his latest efforts, the short documentary ‘A Few Things About Cancer,’ which chronicles his friend’s frightening battle with stage 4 cancer. The film is a raw telling of the young Caleb and his loving wife, and offers hope where it would otherwise be lost, and his feature debut, ‘Desires of the Heart,’ the story of an Indian psychiatrist practicing in America while he struggles with identity and his controversial relationship with a mysterious artist.

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Director James Kicklighter on Filmmaking

  • [A Few Things About Cancer] is very personal to me, as a cancer survivor myself, and I have to say that I was touched to listen to his story. I feel very honored to be able to listen to how it all unfolded and what his message was to his friend (28 minute podcast).

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