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Shel Bee: Branches


When a young girl answers the siren song of a boy, she loses and finds herself in the forest.

Awards and Film Festivals

2016 Garden State Film Festival, Best Music Video
2016 Seattle Transmedia & Indie Film Festival
2016 Macon Film Festival
2016 Maverick Film Awards, Best Song


Digital Edition wins and Shel Bee’s Branches nominated at 2016 Maverick Movie Awards

  • JamesWorks Entertainment’s Digital Edition won 2016 Best Documentary Short and Shel Bee’s Branches was nominated for 2016 Best Song. The Maverick Movie Awards exists to honor all facets of moviemaking form, function, style, and craft. A level playing-field where a movie’s budget is immaterial, its absence or abundance of star power is inconsequential, and its humble or lofty origins are irrelevant, any and all independent, underground, student and studio films are eligible to receive a Maverick Award.

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Director James Kicklighter wins Best Music Video for Shel Bee’s Branches

  • The Garden State Film Festival was thrilled to announce the festival’s 2016 award winners and honorees during Sunday’s annual highly-anticipated black tie awards ceremony in the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.

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Shel Bee ‘Branches’ Music Video Debut

  • Branches did a wonderful job of depicting a toxic relationship through subtle gestures executed throughout the video. From his gaze, to his grasp, to the literal sense in the lyrics, “You squeezed my worries until they were numb,” each element is key in telling the story.

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