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If Angel can help, he will: Angel of Anywhere review

  • The Anywhere club is a small dive where women, who are just looking for a fun time, can go to watch male strippers perform on stage or in private rooms for a little one-to-one action. One of the most popular dancers is Angel (Axel Roldos), a genuinely nice guy who can’t help but try and fix everything he comes across that is damaged and/or broken; from light bulbs to speaker systems, people with monetary problems to crumbling marriages – if Angel can help, he will. Axel Roldos is well-cast as the likable Angel. Briana Evigan, who also starred in a couple of Step Up films, as well as Sorority Row and as Sonja in the From Dusk Till Dawn series brings some gravitas to the production and is very strong in her performance as Michelle.

    September 6, 2017. Screencritix >>

Short Film Review: Angel of Anywhere

  • A perfect example of concept, structure, and execution. Kicklighter’s camera makes wonderful use of the loud and colorful club setting…backed by an incredibly talented cast, director, and writers. I also got my wish to see where some very intriguing new talent is heading.

    September 1, 2017. Crushed Celluloid >>

Axel Roldos on Making Angel of Anywhere

  • I struggled for months trying to manifest this desire to make something. You might be surprised how difficult it is to make all the pieces come together. I didn’t have a story in mind, or even a concept really, I just knew I wanted to act and I wasn’t interested in waiting for permission anymore. I met James [Kicklighter] at the Atlanta Film Festival, where he was screening a documentary film he directed, Digital Edition, and we spoke at length about my desire to find a way to move forward in my career…he connected me with everyone else who would become intimately involved with making this movie even happen. Everything, from the writing to the hiring and casting, was entirely their sorcery.

    June 29, 2017. Axel Roldos >>

Desires of the Heart: Review

  • A skillfully shot film with gorgeous cinematography, authentic set design and solid performances from the entire cast (4 / 5 stars).

    May 18, 2017. Boom! Film Reviews >>

James Kicklighter’s Vision for The American Question

  • Where I was raised, no one has rich uncles or family members who can provide them with economic mobility. In Georgia, they don’t realize that the $50,000 house they are able to buy would cost over a million in my LA neighborhood. They don’t have to compete with an international marketplace in a cosmopolitan city.

    The insider/outsider perspective that frames my entire worldview is a unique understanding of the other half of the coin that my hometown friends cannot see.

    On the flip side, I also ask how can someone who grew up in Los Angeles or New York can begin to understand the struggles of my friends and family? How can any of us begin to expect one side to understand the other when no one seems to be able to speak for both sides?

    May 15, 2017. The American Question >>