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The American Question

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From director James Kicklighter and political scientist Guy Seemann comes the story of a values crisis in America, the start of a national conversation about the effort to re-establish a common ground on which we can optimistically march forth into the future.


The Deterioration of Our Value System

  • I now live in Los Angeles, where my colleagues never saw what it was like to live in a single-parent household, to be eligible for free lunch, to live in a trailer park. I’m also one of the few to leave Bellville and exceed my economic and professional expectations. The internet has provided my childhood friends a window into that, too. One recently congratulated me on Instagram for “having a great life” despite having no idea what my actual standard of living is. And while I’m proud that I’ve been able to achieve my level of economic and professional success, I am disturbed at the lack of opportunity for friends back at home. The American dream is simply out of reach for most.

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Do you share the same values as your neighbor? That’s ‘The American Question’

  • “If you push the needle a little bit, that can make a positive impact on society,” director James Kicklighter said. “My hope with this film is to give the audience an opportunity to maybe change the way their thought process is (just an inch), so they can hear someone else.”

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New film “The American Question” challenges us to rethink values

  • “What’s dangerous is when someone comes to a different set of conclusions based on their ideological perspective and pegs the other as an enemy simply because the other doesn’t agree with their individualized ideology,” director James Kicklighter said. “I hope The American Question helps people recognize that their neighbor is as American as they are. That’s the starting point we need to get to,” he said.

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