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Angel of Anywhere is the story of an empathetic stripper who plays therapist to the many damaged clientele and co-workers who frequent the popular Anywhere Bar.

JamesWorks Entertainment’s Angel of Anywhere stars Briana Evigan (“Step Up Movie 2: The Streets,” “Sorority Row”) as Michelle, Ser’Darius Blain (“When The Game Stands Tall,” “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”) as Brian, David A. Gregory (“One Life to Live,” “The Good Fight”) as D.C., Nihan Gur (“Westworld,” “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”) as Alexx in Wonderland, Adam Carr (“The Call Room”) as Drunk Patron, Krystal Conway as Bartender, and introducing Axel Roldos as Angel.

Angel of Anywhere is directed by James Kicklighter (“Desires of the Heart”), written by Casey Nelson & Kate Murdoch (“The Last Treasure Hunt Movie”) and produced by Beau Turpin (“Beneath The Leaves”)

Awards and Film Festivals

2017 Accolade Award of Excellence
2018 Jaipur International Film Festival
2018 Irvine International Film Festival
2018 Four Seasons Film Festival, London
2018 Utah Film Festival & Awards (Nominee, Best Actor, Best Cinematography)
2018 Vero Beach Wine & Film Festival
2018 Hollyshorts Film Festival
2018 Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema
2018 Macon Film Festival (Winner, Best Narrative Short)
2018 Sidewalk Film Festival
2018 Catalina Film Festival and New Media Summit
2018 Open World Toronto Film Festival (Winner, Best Supporting Actress, Briana Evigan)
2018 Galveston Island Film Festival
2018 Queen Palm International Film Festival (Nominee, Best Original Screenplay)
2018 Filmmaker Day (Milan, Italy)
2018 Rome International Film Festival
2018 Shorts International, DirectTV


Angel Of Anywhere: A Look At Identity Struggles

  • An empathetic exploration of the exhausting journey of self-discovery, ‘Angel of Anywhere’ looks at two individuals, each stuck in their own rut…the film is a testament to the fact that anonymity remains to date, the best ally of mankind.

    Indie Shorts Magazine >>

Director James Kicklighter on Angel of Anywhere

  • It has been my viewpoint if you make a short film and you’re going out to festivals, you might as well make it available so people can see it.

    Jean Book Nerd >>

Male Stripper Short ‘Angel of Anywhere’ by James Kicklighter

  • Don’t be turned off by the headline, this is a very impressive dramatic short film. Angel of Anywhere is an award-winning short directed by James Kicklighter that has been playing at festivals this year. The story is about an empathetic stripper who chats with his clients and helps them work through their problems. It goes to some very deep, personal places, with a very intelligent script.

    First Showing >>

Actor David A. Gregory on making Angel of Anywhere

  • I told director James Kicklighter while we were shooting, Angel of Anywhere would be like if Frank Capra made a stripper film.

    Blog Talk Radio >>

Angel of Anywhere at Oscar qualifying 2018 Sidewalk Film Festival

  • Repeatedly recognized by MovieMaker Magazine as one of the Top 25 Festivals in the World and by TIME Magazine as one of the Top 10 Festivals for the Rest of Us, Sidewalk annually brings over 200 films to Birmingham, Alabama. JamesWorks Entertainment’s Angel of Anywhere screens on Sunday, August 26th at 12:30 PM.

    Sidewalk Film Festival >>

Angel of Anywhere at Oscar qualifying Hollyshorts in August 2018

  • The HollyShorts 14th annual short film festival will kick off Aug. 9th, with JamesWorks Entertainment’s Angel of Anywhere screening on Sunday, August 12th at 2:30 PM inside the historic TCL Chinese Theater. Immediately before the screening, Director James Kicklighter will also participate in the HollyShorts Film Conference panel WRITING & DIRECTING A SHORT AS PROOF OF CONCEPT at 1:00 PM.

    Hollyshorts >>

Axel Roldos in Angel of Anywhere

  • Frustrated that he couldn’t create his own opportunities, he paid a thousand dollars to attend the 2017 Atlanta Film Festival, where he met director James Kicklighter. Axel pitched Kicklighter on the idea of making a short film, and though Kicklighter was initially hesitant, they went on to create Angel of Anywhere.

    Cool America Magazine >>

Angel of Anywhere to Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema

  • Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema announced today its film lineup of 110 films, including JamesWorks Entertainment’s Angel of Anywhere from August 3 – 12th, 2018, and the news that Regal Entertainment Group has signed on to become the lead sponsor. KGFOC is presented by Regal Entertainment Group, New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting, SAG-AFTRA, Variety, MovieMaker Magazine and Final Draft.

    Broadway World >>

Review: Angel of Anywhere (★★★★)

  • There’s a nice juxtaposition in Angel of Anywhere. One the one hand, you have strip club customers looking for a physical connection with a complete stranger and on the other, people who can’t connect with the those closest to them. Of course, Angel is there to point the way.

    Film Threat >>

Angel of Anywhere: Now Streaming on Amazon

  • JamesWorks Entertainment’s Angel of Anywhere is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Angel of Anywhere is the story of an empathetic stripper who plays therapist to the many damaged clientele and co-workers who frequent the popular Anywhere Bar. Starring Briana Evigan (“Step Up Movie 2: The Streets,” “Sorority Row”) as Michelle, Ser’Darius Blain (“When The Game Stands Tall,” “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”)  and introducing Axel Roldos as Angel.

    Amazon Prime Video >>

Review: The Latest Kicklighter flick a winner

  • Director James Kicklighter serves up another winning film with Angel of Anywhere… while you may be thinking you’re in for some shallow, pointless cinematic short you should think again. [The film] is proof positive that he continues to grow as a filmmaker and challenge both himself and his audiences.

    The Independent Critic >>

Review: Angel is a “perfectly rendered movie.”

  • James Kicklighter executes the story in the most perfect of ways to bring to us this perfectly rendered movie….the visually superior cinematography, appropriate sound and a gripping screenplay merge to make this film a wonderful movie watching experience.

    The Utah Film Festival and Awards >>

Review: I wonder if Showgirls lied to me about VIP rooms

  • I now wonder after seeing Angel of Anywhere if Showgirls was lying to me (what a shocker?!) because I have a feeling what happens in those VIP rooms is a lot more like what happens in Angel of Anywhere instead of in Showgirls; awkward confessions without the sexy hookup. By the time Angel of Anywhere was over, I wished I had some kind of power in Hollywood or too much extra cash hanging around so I could use it to get this short film further expanded into a feature length movie or even better, a limited series, because I see nothing but potential for all kinds of fascinating stories and characters that can come from a scenario like that, getting therapy from a stripper.

    Movies Over the Rainbow >>

Review: A taut examination of human insecurities

  • Written by Kate Murdoch and Casey Nelson, there’s a natural touch to [Angel of Anywhere’s] script with dialogue ranging from innocent to awkward, positioning the audience as a fly on the wall, listening to raw conversations that should be unheard.  James Kicklighter’s stylish short film flows effortlessly and boasts a committed cast who, in a mere 16 minutes, is able to bring depth to their roles. Angel of Anywhere is a taut examination of human insecurities, with a sprinkle of the supernatural.

    Film Snob Reviews >>

Review: Angel of Anywhere is a deeply human, dramatic exploration

  • A deftly written, intelligently executed, deeply human, dramatic exploration into the very heart of what it means to have the desire to see things that are broken fixed. With a beautiful sense of itself and its purpose, the film’s perfect pacing allows us to experience a full immersion into the intricacies of the emotionally scarred individuals Angel comes into contact with, allowing him opportunity to infuse an almost otherworldly calm, idealistic, and empathetic wisdom to each. Throughout the narrative as well, both visually and verbally, whether forefront or in background, everything points to the aforementioned notions above, while the film’s setting and cinematography greatly speaks to the naked, raw vulnerability being presented as well. Plus, suffice it to say, the film’s finale puts a well earned exclamation point on the proceedings, highly evocative and richly effective in conjunction with the themes here.

    One Film Fan >>

Near flawless design and execution: Angel of Anywhere review

  • Should you find yourself randomly watching this film at some point down the road, unless told by another, you would think it was produced by any one of your favorite studios. An exercise in near flawless design and execution…Angel himself, played by Axel Roldos, feels almost perfect. A real person who happened to be caught on camera for seventeen minutes. I simply can’t stress enough how excellently this production flows onscreen. From the technical to the acting. It’s all really top notch.

    IndyRed >>

Remarkably intelligent and impressive: Angel of Anywhere review

  • Aside from the wonderful dialogue between the main players, Kicklighter also adorns his short film with a visual smorgasbord of filmmaking treats. From the aforementioned one-take opening of Angel entering the club, to a charming little sequence where he fixes a lightbulb, several sequences in Angel of Anywhere are beautifully filmed and delivered. There is a daring to the craft that does not let the central themes do all of the heavy lifting. Instead, the aesthetic and mise en scéne are just as integral to the movie’s power as the characters and dialogue. This can be seen in the wonderfully atmospheric backroom where the key scenes take place, with its cold blue light and sparseness, and Angel filling the room with his almost naked body. This expertly suited the emotional vulnerability of the characters who entered.

    UK Film Review >>

Smart and Challenging: Angel of Anywhere review

  • There’s quite a bit of symbolism tucked inside the short runtime of James Kicklighter‘s latest film Angel of Anywhere, a 16-minute, well-made short that hides a greater message about human relationships behind the skin of an all-male strip club. While the setting isn’t exactly a new one of course, it’s far less about the stage show or even the relationships of the dancers, but rather the impact of one man who serves importance in ways even he’s not entirely aware of.

    It’s important to pay attention to these details in Kicklighter’s movie, written by Kate Murdoch and Casey Nelson, as nothing is not connected, every action tied to the next and ultimately to a twist ending. Things might seem superfluous and have potential to be disregarded as filler, but that is missing the larger point of who and what Angel is and what the end reveals about his fate. It’s smart and it’s challenging. Any film that forces questions like this are worth a closer look.

    That Moment In >>

If Angel can help, he will: Angel of Anywhere review

  • The Anywhere club is a small dive where women, who are just looking for a fun time, can go to watch male strippers perform on stage or in private rooms for a little one-to-one action. One of the most popular dancers is Angel (Axel Roldos), a genuinely nice guy who can’t help but try and fix everything he comes across that is damaged and/or broken; from light bulbs to speaker systems, people with monetary problems to crumbling marriages – if Angel can help, he will. Axel Roldos is well-cast as the likable Angel. Briana Evigan, who also starred in a couple of Step Up films, as well as Sorority Row and as Sonja in the From Dusk Till Dawn series brings some gravitas to the production and is very strong in her performance as Michelle.

    Screencritix >>

Short Film Review: Angel of Anywhere

  • A perfect example of concept, structure, and execution. Kicklighter’s camera makes wonderful use of the loud and colorful club setting…backed by an incredibly talented cast, director, and writers. I also got my wish to see where some very intriguing new talent is heading.

    Crushed Celluloid >>

Axel Roldos on Making Angel of Anywhere

  • I struggled for months trying to manifest this desire to make something. You might be surprised how difficult it is to make all the pieces come together. I didn’t have a story in mind, or even a concept really, I just knew I wanted to act and I wasn’t interested in waiting for permission anymore. I met James [Kicklighter] at the Atlanta Film Festival, where he was screening a documentary film he directed, Digital Edition, and we spoke at length about my desire to find a way to move forward in my career…he connected me with everyone else who would become intimately involved with making this movie even happen. Everything, from the writing to the hiring and casting, was entirely their sorcery.

    Axel Roldos >>